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Strategy and Planning

A.  Benchmarking and alignment approaches, including launch planning

B.  Key performance indicator development and tracking

C.  Operational planning and metrics

D.  Budget and financial management

E.  Optimal resource planning, including global organizational design & retention planning

F.  Communications and change management

KOL Management

A.  Engagement planning aligned to strategic plans
B.  Interaction plans, tracking, evaluation and reporting 
C.  Cross-functional operational process and implementation
D.  Communication plan development and execution
E.  Scientific meeting planning and logistics execution
F.  Pass-through payment processing and reporting

Operational Excellence

A.  Operating model development aligned with strategic imperatives
B.  Operational capacity review and planning
C.  Operational process assessment and design
D.  Procedural and process definition document development
E.  Operational team roles, accountability, performance metrics definition
F.  Operational performance monitoring and refinements
G.  Outsourcing solutions for operational management

Program Technology Optimization

A.  Technology strategy and roadmap
B.  Vendor selection and RFP process support
C.  Global system implementation planning
D.  Business analyst and project manager support for system implementations
E.  System training and rollout
F.  Change management plan development and execution

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Program Tech Optimization


We provide diverse range of services specifically targeted for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Over the past two decades, this industry has evolved to leverage consulting and outsourcing options to optimize available internal resources. We can support your organization from various aspects including:

Business Meeting
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Strategy and Operations 

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